• For all sheet metals, all steels, all grades
  • Broadly based and flexible with the latest technology
  • Always the right solution for your requirements


Widely recognised as indispensible base technology due to the inherent high degree of production flexibility. Dimensional precision and minimum heat distortion on the component combined with very good cutting results are just some of the compelling advantages. Laser technology is ideally suited for cutting, welding and labelling.

up to a length of 36,000 mm
black sheet up to t = 25 mm and an optional chamfer cut of +/- 47°
stainless steel up to t = 25 mm
aluminium up to t = 12 mm


This technology is particularly well suited for processing large thicknesses. Its low energy consumption makes torch cutting highly suited for a cost-conscious deployment.

up to a length of 30,000 mm
cutting options up to t = 300 mm
with optional welding seam preparation


Fine plasma technology is excellently suited for smaller cutting angles. Economical, a high cutting speed and clean cut edges – a real alternative to laser technology. In contrast to torch cutting, fine plasma cutting additionally uses current to cut the material.

up to a length of 30,000 mm
with an optional chamfer cut of +/-45°
cutting options up to t = 60 mm
optional marking and laser scoring